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July 2, 2014

We’ve been hinting around at it for a month now, but the cat is finally out of the bag. Love In The Time Of Monsters has domestic distribution!  What does that mean exactly?  It means you will be seeing the film at a screen near you!  We’re so proud to be partnering with Indican Pictures to unleash the film on the world.  Indican has released cult classics like Boondock Saints to massive success, so lets hope some of that magic rubs off on us!

You can read the official announcement over at Dread Central.

It’s been an amazing journey getting to this point, and we never could have done it without the help and support of so many folks. At a certain point this movie felt as elusive as Bigfoot himself, so thanks for believing in us all these years!




Lots more news to come on release dates, etc, so make sure you follow us here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter for all the updates!


June 20, 2014

Last night a few of us from Love In The Time Of Monsters were lucky enough to see an indie film called Coherence.  It stars our very own Hugo Armstrong (Chester) as well as Emily Foxler, Maury Sterling, and Nicolas Brendon.  It’s a wonderful combination of sci-fi and relationship drama.  Sound interesting? It is!

Hugo Armstrong with castmate Emily Foxler

Hugo Armstrong with castmate Emily Foxler


Here’s the official description and trailer:

On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. Part cerebral sci-fi and part relationship drama, COHERENCE is a tightly focused, intimately shot film whose tension intensely ratchets up as its numerous complex mysteries unfold.



The film kept you my glued to the screen and guessing until the end.  Hugo was fantastic (not a surprise) and good work was done all around by the cast and writer/director James Ward Byrkit. It opens tonight in theaters around the country, check out this list to find it near you.  You won’t regret it! Don’t believe me? Critics love it too!


Coming soon to a theater near you!

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Dances with Aftermath

June 11, 2014

Over the weekend, as you might have heard, we had our big Los Angeles premiere at Dances with Films.  It was great!  We had a big crowd – way bigger than the festival had anticipated! – and everyone seemed to have a great time during and after the flick.

I’ll tell you, it was really something watching it up on that big screen in the cultural center of Hollywood.  While we are still VERY small fish in a gigantic ocean out here, it still felt like quite the accomplishment.  And very gratifying to see the turnout.  Honestly, a big heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who came out – and stayed up for – the screening.  Seeing Love in the Time of Monsters play for an audience reminds me why I got into this racket in the first place.

If you head on over the Facebook page, you can see some pictures that Andy put up of the cast and crew hanging around and enjoying the green carpet.

Also, after the movie we did a QnA with the audience and we caught on tape (or whatever the digital equivalent to that is).  So I tossed it into the ol’Editbox and then threw it up on the youtube for everyone to get a taste of what it’s like to see TBC and company in action after a screening.  So if you want to hear the true horror stories from the set and have 11 minutes or so, you should give it a watch!


Finally, I just want to give a special thanks to Dances with Films for giving us the opportunity to have a hometown screening.  It was a great time and a fantastic festival.  Here’s hoping we’ll be back with another one!

As always, keep up to date with all of our going-ons via the twitter, the facebook, or the youtube.  Big things are afoot, so be sure to subscribe!

Interviews From Beyond The Infinite

June 6, 2014

Or something like that.

Our big week keeps getting bigger, even on a Friday afternoon.  I very recently did an interview with the fantastic gents over at The Podbay Podcast in preparation for our big screening coming up this weekend.  Come listen to me ramble about our humble beginnings and continue on to the nears heights we’ve already reached.  You can hear my part of the Podcast starting at 20:08, but I strongly recommend you listen to the whole thing.  It’s fun, informative, and packed with other cool interviews.

Check out the Podcast here.

Podbay Podcast

Also in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, AND you’re in the Los Angeles Area, we’re having our big Los Angeles Premiere  at the always terrific Dances with Films this Saturday June 7th at 1145pm at the glorious TCL Chinese Theater.  We’ll all be there with a bit of the cast and a chunk of the crew enjoying things and taking pictures.  Please please come by and say hi if you’re around.

Also, we’re gonna meet up across the street before hand at the historic Roosevelt Hotel for drinks starting around 9pm.  I think I just planned your next great date night…

In the meantime, keep up on stuff from us via the twitter, the facebook, and maybe check a video out on the youtube.

Stay tuned because if you thought this week was big, just wait until next week…

New Review!

June 2, 2014

Just in time for our big Los Angeles Screening at Dances With Films this Saturday (do you have your tickets yet?), the fine folks over at Aberrant Films dropped a new review in our laps.

Read the whole thing here!


Some highlights:


 “Another favorite from Cinequest, this fun campy horror comedy has plenty of gore, laughs, yet surprisingly dynamic characters with a lot of heart.”

“This movie is too much fun. It brings me back to some of my favorite eighties movies like Swamp Thing, Piranha, The Toxic Avenger, Night Of The Comet, Evil Dead. The list can go on for ever.”

” This story actually has very compelling characters with well-defined relationships, romances, back stories, personal struggles, and well-written dialogue. Despite the silliness of the situation they’re in, we care about these characters and want to see them survive.”

“This one’s definitely worth watching, makes for a fun date movie or party movie if you’re looking for something funny and violent to watch with a group of friends.”

“Look it up, go see it. I give this one a 10.”


Wow, how awesome!  If you weren’t excited before to see Love In The Time Of Monsters on the big screen, now you should be!  Join us this Saturday at the Chinese Theatre complex in Hollywood, 11:45pm! You can also check out our official Facebook invite for more details.


LIttom Still - JOhnny maska






Dances With Films Opening Night!

May 30, 2014

Last night the cast and crew of Love In The Time Of Monsters partied it up at the Dances With Films Opening Night shindig. Personally, I can’t believe the festival is already here!  Our screening is a week from tomorrow, do you have your tickets yet?


The gang's all here! (L-R Matt Jackson, Marissa Skell, Andy Gunn, Mike McShane)

The gang’s all here! (L-R Matt Jackson, Marissa Skell, Andy Gunn, Mike McShane)


Director Matt Jackson and Producer Andy Gunn patrol the carpet at DWF.

Director Matt Jackson and Producer Andy Gunn patrol the carpet at DWF.


Producer Allison Vanore, Director Matt Jackson, Producer Andy Gunn, Actor Mike Mcshane at Dances with Films. In height order it seems.

Producer Allison Vanore, Director Matt Jackson, Producer Andy Gunn, Actor Mike Mcshane at Dances with Films. In height order it seems.


We had a great time, thanks to everyone at the festival for hosting us!  In other news, don’t forget to follow us at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! Lots of news dropping in the next week!

Dances With Films Tickets

May 14, 2014

The Dances With Films ticket link is up, so you can purchase your tickets to the Love In The Time Of Monsters LA premiere on June 7th! In case you missed the premiere news, you can read all about it here.

Here’s the link!



Click on the Tickets For This Selection Link

Click on the ‘Tickets For This Selection Link’ for tickets!


Because the Chinese Theatre is so highfalutin, we actually appear on the movie website, right next to films like Godzilla and X-Men.  That’s a first (and hopefully not a last)!

Hope to see you all at the festival.  Let us know if you’re coming! And make sure you follow along with all the news on Facebook, twitter, and youtube.  Lots of things going down in the upcoming month!


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