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A Review! (Some Spoliers)

April 14, 2014

You might be wondering where we’ve been since Cinequest.   Does sitting on the couch watching Game of Thrones count? Actually, we’ve been busy fielding offers from distributors, which is one step closer to getting the film out into the world! Exciting times, and we should have some official news on that front shortly.

In the meantime, here’s our first in depth review of the film from the folks over at Klaus At Gunpoint.   Lots of good stuff here, but there are some mild spoilers if you haven’t seen the film yet.

“Director Matt Jackson and his team have managed to make Love in the Time of Monsters more than just a throwback. It’s a film that is so much fun in and of itself that even if you’re not familiar with those videos, you’ll find a lot to love. Even if you’re a bit turned off by gore, you can make it through this one with wisely placed palms over eyeballs for a few seconds every ten minutes or so. If you’re a gorehound, well, enjoy!”

Here’s the whole review:

LiTToM Review Cinequest (C.Garcia)

Special Thanks to Christopher Garcia for the kind words.  You guys are awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.01.25 PM

Christopher Really Does Look Like This

Cinequest Photos

March 31, 2014

You probably thought posts about Cinequest were over, but we had so much fun there, we just can’t stop posting about it! Actually we just wanted to share with you some more photos that came in from the professional photographers that were around during all the parties networking events during the festival. Here’s some of our favorites!

(Photos courtesy of Michael Dawson @ Bay Area Fashion Week)


Matt doing his due diligence and promoting Love In The Time Of Monsters to festivalgoers.

Matt doing his due diligence and promoting Love In The Time Of Monsters to festivalgoers.



TBC Films hanging with our awesome colorist Sean Stack

TBC Films hanging with our awesome colorist Sean Stack.



Here we are with the award winning director of  Bite Size, Corbin Billings.

Here we are with the award winning director of Bite Size, Corbin Billings.


Also, we have posted many more photos from the Love In The Time Of Monsters World Premiere at Cinequest on our Facebook page.  While your there, give us a ‘like’.  We’re almost at 1,000, tell your friends!  Lots more news coming up in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Paula Rhodes Interview

March 24, 2014

Our friends over at Fanboy Planet interviewed Love In The Time Of Monsters cast member Paula Rhodes (Agatha) after meeting her at our Cinequest Premiere. Turns out they were big fans of her other work as well!  You’ll hear some great behind the scenes stories from the Monsters shoot, Elfquest, Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse and more. My favorite quote: “A movie that could revive the era of scream queens” Neato!

INTERVIEW LINK (Paula comes in at the 1:01:50 mark)


Paula Rhodes at the Love In The Time Of Monsters Premiere

Paula Rhodes at the Love In The Time Of Monsters Premiere

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Cinequest Wrapup

March 18, 2014

Wow, what a week we had premiering Love In The Time Of Monsters at Cinequest!

Every time I told someone we were heading up to San Jose for the fest, they were like “oh my goodness, that’s the most fun festival around!” And boy, they weren’t kidding!  I don’t think I’ve ever partied networked that much in my whole life.

Overall the movie was very well received: we had hundreds of audience members laughing, yelling and howling along with the movie; it was great to see.  Even better was talking to people afterwards and hearing how much they enjoyed it.  So much hard work goes into making a film that when you see it connecting with people, it’s a fantastic feeling.

We were also lucky enough to get some reviews and interviews out of our Cinequest experience.  I’ve culled them all together for your reading/listening pleasure. Enjoy!

“Director Matt Jackson did one helluva job of making this film funny, fast paced, and bloody as hell! The entire cast did a stupendous job! The production value was off the charts! Overall, this film has something for everyone! If you like THE TOXIC AVENGER and NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION, then LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS is right up your alley!! 5 out of 5 stars!! Highly recommended!!”
Review | Dave M. Strom
“A delightful throwback to goofy cheap horror flicks of yesteryear, except in this case, the actors and actresses can act and get lotsa laughs. This will wash that bitter, hating Paranormal Saw movie crap outta yer skull and replace it with fun, fun, FUN!”
Jason Review-Cinequest
“If only the on-site Abraham Lincoln impersonating doctor can synthesize an antidote before everyone suffers horrible, hilarious deaths. Yeah, this movie is pretty freakin’ awesome.”
Artsalot Cinequest Review
“It’s kind of the best plot ever with some fun effects and surprises as well… It’s quirky and bizarre…a classic camp cult in the making.”
Interview w/ Themed For Your Pleasure- Matt and Andy of Love in the Time of Monsters
“Love In The Time Of Monsters, One Of The Best Horror Films In AGES!”
Fanboy Planet Podcast #345:
(Matt joined in for the whole podcast, but if you want to skip directly to us all talking about the movie, it begins at 55:15)
So Proud To Have This Cinequest Laurel Associated With Love In The Time Of Monsters!
So Proud To Have This Cinequest Laurel Associated With Love In The Time Of Monsters!

Thanks again to everybody at Cinequest for hosting such an awesome festival, and treating us so well.  We definitely want to come back sometime soon! And thanks to everyone who supported us, either in San Jose or through the interwebs. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Don’t forget to check out our pages on Facebooktwitter, and youtube. Lots of cool pics, etc going up from the festivities!

Scenes From Cinequest, Day 6-7

March 15, 2014

Once the excitement died down after our screenings over the weekend, Matt and I were left to our own devices. Usually this a dangerous situation, but luckily there were plenty of other films and events to see. Cinequest does a really good job of keeping the parties/events coming at you, so you never get bored (Free food and beer does not hurt either). We also had a chance to do some more interviews and even walked over to the San Jose Tech Museum. They currently have an exhibition running (fittingly called Star Wars: The Exhibition) that has tons of costumes, props and models from Star Wars.  You can even enter a life size replica Millennium Falcon Cockpit! Needless to say, we were all in.

I also took some time to visit the surrounding cities of San Francisco and Santa Cruz.  Felton (near Santa Cruz) is home to the World Famous Bigfoot Museum, and I had to visit.  Filled with awesome Bigfoot memorabilia and scientific facts it’s a wonder to behold. I spent time talking with the founder Mike and his assistant Tony, telling them about the Love In The Time Of Monsters and getting the facts straight about Bigfoot.  They were excited we shot the film in Gasquet, CA, because that’s “real bigfoot country”. The map of confirmed Bigfoot sightings even had a mark right next to the Patrick Creek Lodge! It was a cool opportunity and I highly recommend you guys stop by when you can.

Tonight we’re getting geared up for the 3rd and final screening here at Cinequest. 9:15pm at the Cinema 12 Theaters, screen 10. If you haven’t had a chance to see the film yet, stop on by! All the screenings so far have been a blast, and this promises to be no different.

Here’s some more photos from the past few days:

The Famous Bigfoot Museum in Felton, CA!

The Famous Bigfoot Museum in Felton, CA!

A shot in front of the famous bigfoot photo from the Patterson film.

A shot in front of the famous bigfoot photo from the Patterson film.

Andy and Matt Find Space Bigfoots (Wookies)

Andy and Matt Find Space Bigfoots (Wookies)

Live organ accompaniment during a screening of the classic 1924 silent film "The Hands Of Orloc" at the beautiful California Theater.

Live organ accompaniment during a screening of the classic 1924 silent film “The Hands Of Orloc” at the beautiful California Theater.

'Nuff Said

‘Nuff Said

Had to go to Chinatown, home of one of my favorite movies "Big Trouble In Little China"!

Had to go to Chinatown, home of one of my favorite movies “Big Trouble In Little China”!

The famous Santa Cruz boardwalk. I kept looking for the Lost Boys...

The famous Santa Cruz boardwalk. I kept looking for the Lost Boys…

Stay tuned for more on the blog, we’ve got lots of things planned thoughout this Cinquest weekend. And make sure to follow us on Facebooktwitter, and youtube!

Festival Throwback

March 14, 2014

It’s Thursday (EDIT: This is how out of it I am, I honestly I thought it was Thursday this morning.  Just pretend that you read this yesterday morning.  Thanks! – Matt) and I’m into internet fads, so lets take a peek at the past, shall we?

I figure, with the bevy of interviews that popped up yesterday, it’d be fun to take a look at some of the firt interviews that both Andy and I did for the films we’ve done.

As you might remember, Andy and I have been working together for a while, starting with a short film Background(ed).  It was a fun little thing that had a bit of a festival run, which was cool but ultimately a squandered opportunity on my part.  These two interviews that follow were from the first festival that we attended (we got into a smaller fest weeks earlier, but weren’t able to make it up for it).  This night in question was one of the opening night mixers at a giant pool hall in Hollywood, where 26-ish Matt was more concerned about how much the beer was than talking to people into seeing his movie.

Thankfully, Gordon Vasquez was much more outgoing and pulled us all into an interview for his site, Real TV Films.  Come, let us check out the awkward.

Two things.  1- I still have that jacket.  It doesn’t quite fit as well (it totally shrank!), but I still wear it on occasion.  I really ought to get a new one.  2- Thank God Bill Elverman was there to actually, you know, talk like a person.

And then there’s this one.

Shortly after this, Andy grew his beard.  I think he was tired of being too adorable.  Besides, how dumb would it be if we were two guys with beards plus one guy without.  Way to take one for the team, Andy.  Lord knows it wasn’t going the other way.

And you know, I looked for some old embarrassing video of Mike, but damn if that guy is never caught off guard.  Never caught on camera either, apparently.  He’s like the bigfoot of TBC, magical and always escaping the lens of the camera.

Anyway, if you want to see how we’ve gotten better at all this stuff, make sure you check out our entry from yesterday in which all of us sound like human beings and better, true professionals.

As always, keep up on our adventures here at Cinequest and beyond by following us on the Facebook, the Twitter, and the Youtube.  There’s still a lot of stuff happening and you definitely don’t want to be the last to know.

Cinequest Day 5: Scenes from an Interview

March 13, 2014

I’ve lost my voice.

If that’s not a sign of a good time, I don’t know what is.  As you could probably tell from Andy‘s great updates, Cinequest has been a bonanza of good times.  Lots of awesome movies, tons of amazing people (filmmakers and volunteers alike), and generally positive vibes have led me to this frog voiced present.

Best of all, the reaction to Love in the Time of Monsters has surpassed expectations.  In a fest full of fantastic films, it’s so very gratifying to see people’s faces light up when they talk about LitToM.  I mean, we all liked the movie and thought it played well, but it means a whole lot more when strangers see it an love it.  It’s been awesome.

Anyway, before my voice totally went, we did a couple of interviews that you can now find on the interwebs.  The first posted (but second interview we did) was with Christopher Garcia for ‘Themed for your Pleasure”.  It’s a pretty insightful 20 minute conversation with Andy and I, full of big geek references and sentimental prattling.  It was really a lot of fun.  You can find it here.


Our other interview (the first one, but posted second) was with our friends over at Fanboy Planet.  Mike was able to join us for this one, so it has some different information in there to give you a little variety in your life.  Also included in that podcast is an interview with the ever wonderful Neil Gaiman and the creative force behind Eternity: The Movie, the other big bombastic movie making waves this week.  EDITED TO ADD:  Also, duh, our friends the complete opposite side of the scale were there from the documentary Bite Size, chatting about that movie piece of cinema.  It’s a pretty rad show.

And if that wasn’t enough for you (somehow), the guys also invited me to sit in with them as they talked about comics at the start of the show.

Fanboy planet

Come for LitToM, but stay for my massive comic nerdery; It’s not to be missed. Check it out here or on iTunes to listen at your leisure.

It’s been a crazy time so far and it’s only getting better.  If you’re not following us on the Facebook, the twitter, or the youtube, you should so you can keep on the cutting edge of news coming out of the festival.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get some more tea to soothe this throat of mine before the next party.  Wish me luck!


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