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Interviews From Beyond The Infinite

June 6, 2014

Or something like that.

Our big week keeps getting bigger, even on a Friday afternoon.  I very recently did an interview with the fantastic gents over at The Podbay Podcast in preparation for our big screening coming up this weekend.  Come listen to me ramble about our humble beginnings and continue on to the nears heights we’ve already reached.  You can hear my part of the Podcast starting at 20:08, but I strongly recommend you listen to the whole thing.  It’s fun, informative, and packed with other cool interviews.

Check out the Podcast here.

Podbay Podcast

Also in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, AND you’re in the Los Angeles Area, we’re having our big Los Angeles Premiere  at the always terrific Dances with Films this Saturday June 7th at 1145pm at the glorious TCL Chinese Theater.  We’ll all be there with a bit of the cast and a chunk of the crew enjoying things and taking pictures.  Please please come by and say hi if you’re around.

Also, we’re gonna meet up across the street before hand at the historic Roosevelt Hotel for drinks starting around 9pm.  I think I just planned your next great date night…

In the meantime, keep up on stuff from us via the twitter, the facebook, and maybe check a video out on the youtube.

Stay tuned because if you thought this week was big, just wait until next week…

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  1. June 19, 2014 8:22 am

    Hi Guys,Greg here from Patrick Creek Lodge, the link you have to the lodge does not go to our webpage, can you change it to , thanks

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